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Companies in this industry often like to appear as though they are bigger than they really are. We are proud of being small, especially when we deliver big.

We don’t see small as such a bad thing, we see it as being able to deliver you a much more personalized service. We don’t see “we’re not sure how” as a weakness, especially when it’s followed up with “we’ll research it and get back to you”. We’re a true team, and for the duration of your project, it’s a team you become part of  too. We love to learn. We love to learn about our clients, and their businesses, we love to learn about design trends, new platforms and product development. Most of all, we love to deliver results even better than what you’re expecting. 

Cardinal Creative Agency is a Husband and Wife team of Anna and Paul, with occasional guest appearances from our daughter, Daisy and Miniature Dachshund Otis. We operate our business out of our custom built studio, nestled in the woods, and you’re welcome come pop in and say hi if you happen to find yourself in the area, but please let us know in advance, in case we’re away working on location (or, perhaps, just working in the garage or garden!)

Anna McGrath

Even before graduating from MICA with a BFA in Photography, and the mainstream emergence of digital cameras, Anna has been developing (pun intended) her skill, and love for the medium. She took to graphic and web design initially to provide a platform for her work, only to find a niche in this too, ahead of curve in a fast moving, and constantly evolving field. 20+ years later, Anna has become well known for her attention to detail and consistent delivery of high quality work, in a range of disciplines.

Outside of the office, Anna loves tending to her cut flower garden, photographing those flowers, and listening to horrifying true crime podcasts.

Paul McGrath

Employed on the front line in the automotive aftermarket industry for much of his adult working life, Paul (originally from the UK) is known as a dependable, hard-worker with great knowledge in his field to those on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. With a broad and adaptable customer-focused skill set, Paul handles customer accounts and communication, along with website and online store management, and content generation.

Outside of the office, Paul loves watching Southampton FC play in the English Premier League, checking items off of his seemingly endless DIY list, and working on his Volkswagen.


Director of First Impressions, Solar-Powered Mobile Alarm System Manager, Executive Nap Coordinator, Native Avian and Rodent Analyst, Head of Logistics – Bleps Dept.

Family photo and photo of Anna by Pangtography. Photo of N6 TLO and photo of Paul by Anna.

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