Identity Crisis: Headgames

One of our good friends, Jennifer Peterson of Westvirjeni, connected us with Tara Lowe about donating our time to help with branding for 7th Annual Identity Crisis. Identity Crisis was started as a social event and has grown into a community fundraiser that brings hundreds to Shepherdstown, WV (the town we call home). It is a celebration of life, a menagerie of creativity and a banding together of individuals, businesses and organizations for charity, specifically for the Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley organization.


Identity Crisis: Head Games

Head gear has long held a place in history, distinguishing eras, echelon, rank and culture. Whether utilitarian in nature, for fun, sport, fashion, protection or adornment, humans have traditionally been compelled to dress up their heads. Masks and even war paint have been used to disguise, for entertainment purposes, job needs, and as a means of self-expression.

We were originally approached to design a logo to fit the theme of the year: Head Games. Once we’d gotten the design refined to something Tara and the rest of the Identity Crisis team were happy with, the project developed further into designing posters, flyers, digital media, vinyl banners, and numerous newspaper advertisements as well.

The project brought us additional work, when we designed a coordinating logo and ad for Westvirjeni’s associated workshop.




We really enjoyed working with the Identity Crisis team to produce a branding package worthy of the cause they champion.


Beneficiary: Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley
Photos: Kendal Carr Photography
Contact Tara Lowe at if you’d like to get involved!